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Tips On Getting Outdoor Furniture Covers

While outdoor furniture covers aren’t the most pleasant thing to look at on your deck or patio they are necessary for prolonging the use of your outdoor furniture. Finding a set that matches your furniture is much easier with advances in fade resistant material. If you are planning to take your outdoor furniture in for winter months you may still want to consider buying an outdoor furniture cover set. Exposing your outdoor furniture to harsh sun and elements daily during the summer can still have a devastating effect on your outdoor furniture over time.

Measuring your furniture before buying covers is an obvious but often over looked step in buying furniture covers. While manufacturers of high end patio furniture will often have a specific set of covers for their furniture that offers a perfect fit, you may find yourself not wanting to buy that particular set for some reason or another. Finding a generic set of outdoor furniture covers can open you up to many more options in design and color. Never limit your options by not knowing your furniture’s measurements. To take measurements of your furniture simply measure it as if it had four flat sides.

Manufacturers make a wide range of covers in different fabrics. Finding a fabric that is appropriate for your climate will extend the life of your covers and your outdoor furniture. If you live in a climate with extreme heat such as California you may find that a heat/fade resistant fabric is more suitable than a weather resistant fabric. If you plan on leaving your furniture out during the winter in a climate which is conducive to snow you will want to find a fabric which will also withstand extreme cold without cracking.

Over sized covers are best secured using a drawstring. The best method for securing any type of furniture cover is by a drawstring because it is the most durable and secure. Zippers are also found as securing mechanisms for many furniture covers. Furniture covers with zippers are not recommend due to the fact that they are often easily broken. Zippers can catch on clothing as well as the fabric of your outdoor furniture. Zippers also require an exact fit of your furniture which can sometimes be hard to find.

If you are set on finding the exact outdoor furniture covers produced by the same manufacturer as your patio/deck set you should always visit the showroom in which you bought your set first. If you do not see the cover set on the showroom floor ask a sales associate if there is a catalog which features cover sets for your patio furniture model. You may find out that either your furniture set or your cover set has been discontinued. Often times manufacturers will produce a cover set long after the actual furniture set has been discontinued. It is suggested that you ask around or do an internet search for the manufacturer and find out if an outlet store exists. Outlet stores often contain discontinued items.

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