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Guide to worm composting – MULCHING AND AMEDING THE SOIL using worm composting


The heterogenous mixture of some decomposing vegetables or some of your food wastes, some bedding materials and some pure vermicast was produce during the course of normal vermiculture operations. These are all called vermicompost or vcompost. A vermicast is similarly known such as worm castings worm humus or worm manure it is the end of a breakdown organic matter by some of the species of some earthworm.

It contains water soluble nutrients and some bacteria. The vermicompost is an excellent nutrient and rich organic fertilizer and a soil conditioner. A process of producing vermicompost these are called vermicomposting.


A earthworm species are most often used Red Wrigglers but European night crawlers may also be used. There are names called at the European night crawlers including dendrobaenas, dendras, and the Belgian night crawlers.


If you will mulch your worm compost collected from the worm bin you should apply a 1 inch layered to your soil around your plants. Be secured that your worm compost is not piled against your plants stems. To use the amend soil, your worm compost it can be spread by one half to a two inches thick to all over your garden  and make sure you mixed it before planting it, or you into the under of the seeding trenches or you can transplant  the holes. You can also munch your worm composts into:

Into the houseplant you should sprinkle some of your worm compost around the base of your plants just to be fertilized. Whenever you will water your plants your plants will receive nutrients and it will seep into the soil.

Potting your mixes if you want a healthy seedlings, mix a 1 part of your worm compost with the three parts of the potting mix or the three parts of the sand and the soil combined. Some of the examples good ingredients to add are peat moss, pearlite and some worm castings.

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