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Some Useful Tips For Natural Pest Control

During the spring and summer pests such as ants, cockroaches and mosquitoes can easily become a real nuisance. So the pest control is very important. Most of us react to this inconvenience by stocking up on pesticides and using them to do battle. Unfortunately the chemicals in insecticides can be quite dangerous, especially if they absorbed onto the skin while they are still wet. Insecticides are particularly hazardous to small children, old folks and pets. Therefore if you happen to have children and pets or if you care for your elderly parents then you should probably avoid using chemical pesticides if at all possible. Fortunately there are a number of viable options when it comes to natural pest control.

Meddlesome Mosquitoes

You can control the number of mosquitoes and other bugs and flying insects in your yard with natural garden pest control. The first thing you should do is remove any standing water. Furthermore plants such as lemon grass and marigolds are good for repelling mosquitoes because they hate the smell. If you want natural pest control to stop mosquitoes from biting at your skin try squeezing natural lemon juice on yourself since this is another odor they dislike. People who spend a lot of time outdoors during the summer month also claim that Avon Skin-So-Soft combined with rubbing alcohol is off-putting to mosquitoes. Other natural pest controls for mosquitoes include citronella and garlic. Burning sage or rosemary around your property helps too.

Awful Ants

There is something inexplicably disturbing about seeing a trail of ants on your kitchen floor but you can get rid of them without the use of harsh chemical pesticides. One of the best natural pest controls for ants is a simple spray bottle full of soapy water. Ants also have an aversion to certain spices such as mint, cloves, black pepper, cinnamon and cayenne pepper. If you soak some paper in these herbs and put it where the ants usually enter your house it should be enough to deter them. Other natural pest controls for ants include lemon or citrus oil, cucumber, coffee grounds and vinegar. Of course you should also make a point of ensuring that there are no crumbs or open food sources in your home because these are an incentive for ants.

Contemptible Cockroaches

Cockroaches are perhaps the most revolting of all household pests. There is something particularly creepy about the way they move from A to B. Like ants, cockroaches are tempted by crumbs or packages of food that have not been properly sealed. Therefore it is important to store food correctly and clean up as you go. There are also many natural pest controls for cockroaches. For instance cat nip does no harm to humans or pets but cockroaches hate the stuff. They despise soapy water, bay leaves and cucumber slices too. Some people combine baking soda with sugar in the endeavor to get rid of cockroaches. Cockroaches love sugar but baking soda upsets their stomachs and eventually kills them.

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Picnic Etiquettes

Who says that being on a picnic means you can certainly do whatever you desire? Well, if it were that way, then it will be too scary to go on a picnic because anything will be able to happen because there are generally no rules to follow. Individuals will just walk up to your picnic spot and hijack your basket which will be extremely dangerous, too. I shudder to think what could happen. So before anything awful happens to your supposedly calming and stress-free picnic, there are numerous picnic etiquettes that you must abide by in order to coexist with other picnic goers and with your surroundings also.

There are picnic groves that have numerous picnic tables that strangers can certainly share. Please don’t come up to somebody else’s picnic and feel too cozy. You by no means know what these folks are there for and they might not like it if a person gatecrashes to their picnic.

Another typical thing that happens in a really fun picnic with a lot of readily available food on the table is the popular Food fight. This is extremely normal in university cafeterias but then it would likely happen in picnics too since they are usually by themselves. Do not start, encourage or get involved in a food competition. Aside from each and every trash that you are going to be leaving behind, you will be attracting bugs like ants and bees which can harm you when they smell food on you.

Another thing to watch is your music volume. Don’t play your stereo too loud. You won’t just disturb other picnic goers, but you might irritate the animals around you. You don’t want a bear or other untamed animals to come over to your picnic just since they heard your loud music.

Talking about bears, do not feed the creatures, specifically bears. They could be cute and cuddly, but then again you do not know whenever they might immediately turn wild. For persons who bring their dogs along on a picnic, don’t let your dogs out without a leash simply because they might harm or destroy other people’s picnic and you will probably be held accountable for it.

Also, make sure you clean up your dog’s droppings and make sure to dispose it properly. That goes for all your trash as well. Keep all your trash in a bag that you can bring along with you to avoid a pile up of trash in the picnic site.

And on your way home, don’t drink alcoholic beverages knowing that you will be driving everyone home. Accidents happen anytime and everywhere so refrain from drinking alcohol in a picnic. There are a lot of things that you need to avoid in order to make your picnic worry and hassle free. The list goes on and on. Different strokes for different folks. In the end, the success of your picnic will all depend on how well you behave as a responsible picnic-goer.

Eventually, there are several things you can do without limiting yourself from enjoying. Have fun, fun and more fun! Do bring a good camera to capture your precious moments, provide loads of healthy and great food for everyone to enjoy and have some more fun under the sun.

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