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Landscape Gardening Apprenticeship – 12 Basics You Should Know About Landscape Gardening Apprentices

We will go into the purpose behind taking up and completing apprenticeship in landscape gardening in this article. We will also detail the requirements for taking up landscaping professionally.

What to expect after completing apprenticeship in landscape gardening?

If you look around, you will find many amateur landscapers that take up small time commercial or residential landscaping projects. They are also professionals in their own capacity, however, are not considered as qualified landscape architects.

One needs to undergo an extensive degree program to specialize in landscaping, and post-completion he/she is considered a certified landscape architect qualified to take up any huge commercial or public project. One can also opt for apprenticeship in landscape gardening to qualify for professional certification.

No Easy Task

Please be aware that finishing an apprenticeship in landscape gardening is no easy affair. The landscape apprentice is always a working landscaper and is usually assigned most dirtiest and difficult tasks involved in landscaping. This is to help the apprentice learn about the art from all the perspectives from start till the end.

It is quite normal for an apprentice to be seen digging holes, lifting heavy equipments, indulging in severe physical labor irrespective of weather conditions and handling all types of chemicals on the field. There is no better way for a landscaper to improve his art than getting down to the nitty-gritty of each manual task. He/she must also be efficient in mathematical calculations and possess good eyesight necessary to operate the landscaping machines.


1. The apprenticeship in landscape gardening covers various terrains to gain in depth experience and knowledge.

2. Apprentices are taught the essential distinguishing factors between the commercial, residential and public landscaping.

3. The apprenticeship also covers interior and exterior garden designing and planning.

4. Apprentices are taught the importance and usage of various landscaping equipments and their appropriate application in specific projects.

5. Apprentices are taught in detail about various soil types.

6. They also learn the science behind the plants and trees growth, texture and sizes.

7. They are also acquainted with different methods of pruning, thinning and the varieties of sods.

8. Apprentices are also taught about the legal, environmental and licensing aspects.

9. Apprentices who are preparing to turn landscape architects are taught about the site analysis and surveys.

10. They are also taught about different landscaping software and their application in drawing effective plans. The same is taught with hand too.

11. Apprentices hone their artistic skills by learning how to present the plants in a landscape in a beautiful way.

12. Different view perspectives are also taught to the apprentices.

The Program

Completing an apprenticeship in landscape gardening is a four-year affair and there are several schools all over the world offering such degree programs. Please know that the qualified landscape architects are considered most professionally able people in their field and work on mega projects like designing public gardens, zoos and theme parks. They are often employed by corporate sector also to handle huge commercial landscaping projects.

In most instances, a professional landscaper would have completed his apprenticeship in landscape gardening. In case you are planning to employ a professional landscaper, you must make sure that he is professionally certified and skilled to deliver the desired results. Considering the extensive training that a professional landscaper receives during his/her apprenticeship, he/she will be worth every penny spent.

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