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How To Deal With The Clean Earth With Organic Pest Control

We have had an us with pest control mentality when it come to the control of unwanted pests. It is a kind of scorched earth philosophy. Often we approach pest control like a man killing an ant with an elephant gun. To kill mosquitoes we blanket entire areas with chemicals causing serious breathing problems for elderly people and young children. To stop aphids we blanket fields with insecticides that not only kill their targeted pest, but can actually take nutrition out of the food we grow, thus harming us in the process.

We must find methods of organic pest control management. Therefore we need to seek out organic pest control service so that we can stop hurting the environment and ourselves.

A Sane Approach

Instead of a blanket eradication, organic pest control management offers a targeted approach, addressing only the threatening pests while leaving everything else, including ourselves unharmed. By understanding the various pest populations and the most effective deterrents for each you can be sure you are dealing with the problem and not contributing to it.

Organic pest control management is all about using natural methodologies to control these pests. It is all about finding balance. Understanding that those things we deem pest play a role in the environment as well. Certain species, if eradicated would cause a broken link in the food chain that can result in damage to humans. This can be seen in the disappearance of bees which are the primary source of pollination for most food crops. While bees can have dangerous stings, their benefit is unassailable and organic pest control management takes that into account.

Dealing with Fear

We need to understand that pest control may involve a trade off. Those pests we deem offensive often provide necessary functions such as the removal of waste and processing or organic matter that if built up would pollute the environment. The lowly termite is an example of this kind of trade off. That which in nature is beneficial can cause untold damage to human habitation. Organic pest control management understands that it is just as effective to relocate a pest as it is to kill it. That can be better to balance things out.

We need to overcome our fear of insects and arthropods, particularly spiders. It is spiders that most effectively control insect populations because they feed on more damaging pests. Fear is no reason for eradication. Using organic pest control management can help us not throw out the baby with bath water. We need to control pests, but we also need to be selective in what we do. No one else can control the damage to the environment. It is up to us to use organic pest control management to save the earth.

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