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Do You Make Your Own Garden Mulch

There are a few organic materials that work great as a garden mulch material. Some work better that others though, but sometimes you just have to use what’s available.

As the mulch breaks down over time it will help to nourish the plants but it’s main goal is to shield the soil and to eliminate evaporation into the atmosphere.

A good store bought mulch may also help to stop weeds from starting. However a homemade organic mulch is probable where the weed seeds will come from. But if they are caught early they should be easy to deal with.

Straw is usually used and it is a very good mulch because it is very porous and it allows moisture through easily. It often comes in a compressed bale and it can be broken up to cover a large area.

It’s cheap and it can be used as an undercoating to a more attractive and costly mulch, not to mention that worms just love the stuff.

There different types of straw. Rice straw is one type and is available in the fall months. Often it is weed free and can be used instantly, but it deteriorates very fast.

A better choice is wheat straw. It will last a while and it has a good consistency. Place the wheat straw when it’s dry because when it gets wet from rain water it is very hard to move around.

Alfalfa is a bit more expensive but it does offer a few advantages. It has more nutritional value for the soil plus it also makes an great feed for livestock. It’s also seedless so it will not produce any unwanted plants in your garden area.

The good news is you really do not have to spend any money. Most of what you need is just yard waste.

Fallen leaves can be put to excellent use in your garden bed and make a good garden mulch. They will soften the effects of heavy rain on your soil as well as protect your plants from freezing temperatures in the winter.

When using leaves go over them with a lawn mower, this helps to stop clumping. If the leaves are dry enough just crush them with your hand and spread them around. Leaves are very porous and they will break down fast enriching the soil in the process. Click here for more Free information on garden mulch.

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