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Have Fun with Live Butterflies

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One of the most fascinating hobbies for people of any age is the study of Live Butterflies because they reflect the changes in life in such an incredible stunning and enthralling metamorphosis.  Learning about these creatures is certainly fascinating for children, and actually having a butterfly garden can be a great project for a science class.  But these creatures are not only used in the classroom, they are used for a variety of other occasions as well.  Read further to get more information on what purchasing these creatures can be used for and the accessories that come with the creatures.


Classes and Education Purposes


Studying these wonderful creatures is great for science projects in schools, and to encourage the students to learn more about the world around them and nature itself.  Because these butterflies have such an interesting metamorphosis, they make for a fascinating study in the classroom.  Pavilions can be purchased to allow the children to watch the progression when the butterflies have laid their eggs, through the larvae, to the chrysalis, and finally the emergence of the next generation of these beautiful butterflies.


Releasing the Butterflies


It has become increasingly popular for brides to choose to release butterflies at their wedding instead of throwing rice or confetti – it’s certainly more environmentally friendly to have more of these wonderful creatures darting whimsically around the planet.  There are release cartons that contain the butterflies allowing the guests to open the ribbon on enclosures to allow the butterfly to be released at the appropriate time, or there can be a larger cage where all can be released simultaneously.


These are also popular to be released at Bar or Bat Mitzvah’s, anniversaries, birthdays, or graduations.  Because they are ecologically friendly, releasing them for any special occasion is a great idea and can have great symbolism for the people gathered at the celebration. 


Using on Bouquets


Another very popular practice that has become in vogue recently is using the butterflies on the bridal bouquets.  The butterflies can be placed in a cooler for up to 20 minutes, and then placed on the bouquet as the bridal party starts up the aisle.  Within a couple of minutes they will become active again and delight guests by leaving the bouquets, garlands, or other flowers throughout the venue to flutter around the room and enhance the wedding.


Most Popular Species


There are a variety of species that are very popular to be released at a variety of events, but the most popular tend to be the Monarch and Painted Lady varieties.  These are all the rage because of their wonderful golden and orange coloring and the striking black and white markings around the outer wings.  Of course there are other varieties that can be selected, but these are available through most of the suppliers.


It’s true that Live Butterflies can have a variety of purposes, both for teaching children about the life cycle of the creatures as well as using them for special events such as weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations.  They are always such a pleasure to observe.


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