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Things To Think About When Purchasing A Spa For Your Home

We recently bought a new spa for our home, which was a big decision when you consider the current state of the economy. We held off for a while to make sure neither of us lose our jobs or get laid off before the recession set in but we had been considering making this purchase. Having solid employment situation, we decided it was time to commence our original plan.

Because we are both in high-stress vocations, having an in-home spa became a priority for us. Since I am a TV new anchor and my husband is the head of a non-profit organization in our region, our jobs are pretty high-profile in our community.

Our spa came from 1800pools.com, which is an online and retail store that we discovered while doing our research on the web to learn all about spas. We were amazed with the variety and choices that 1800pools had to offer. We were impressed with their accessible toll-free number, 1-800-890-8185 and answered our queries promptly. We were thankful for their shipping policy for free perk for orders over $50 and we got our spa, chemicals, and accessories without shelling out any dime for shipping.

Before making this investment, we learned a lot from doing our homework along the way. If you are thinking about buying a spa for your home, here are a few things to think about.

Which would you prefer, a portable or in-ground spa? An advantage to choosing a portable spas or hot tub is that they are often less expensive than going with an in-ground version. We decided to choose a portable spa from 1800pools.com because we plan to simplify our lives now, our kids are grown, and move to a smaller house. Since we have the portable spa, we can easily pack it up and take it with us to our new house or condo. You also have to consider If you rent or own your home. Some dear friends of ours are renting their current house, and an in-ground spa is simply not an option for them.

How about special features? Would you like for your spa to have holders for beverages, removable jets, a CD player, or contouring pillows?

The type of jets in your spa is another important decision to make. If you are looking for a therapeutic experience, you should look for a spa with jets that focus on providing a shoulder and neck massage. For various strengths and types of pressure that these jets provide for your muscles, you can ask your dealer about it. For those of you who simply want to relax in the spa, the jets will not matter too much.

To bring you a large selection of products at great competitive prices, 1800pools.com benefits from its enormous purchasing power. Check our web site for pool accessories, chemicals, spa supplies, and accessories of excellent quality. Visit the Uber Article Directory to get a totally unique version of this article for reprint.

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Chlorine-Senstivities Wouldn’t Be An Issue With Chlorine-Free Winterizing Kits

We put up our swimming pool 14 years ago when the kids we’re still living with us. Since then, we’ve been using chlorine-based winterizing kits for purification. Over the years, it seemed that it was the most practical things to do.

Two years ago, we began to notice that chlorine seemed to have a negative effect on my wife. Her skin and hair became very sensitive to the chlorine. So much so that she cut back on the number of times she swam in our pool each week, and had considered ceasing entirely. The possibility was disappointing given the amount of money we’ve spent in installing the pool. Plus, her doctor encouraged Linda to do her exercises in the pool following her hip surgery the prior year.

We understood the importance of keeping the pool clean and proper maintenance even in the middle of our dilemma whether Linda should stay out of the pool or not. As the days passed, we were faced with the yearly preparation of the pool and close it for winter.

We make it a point to use only quality winterizing chemicals for our pool from the time we built it. This was one of the first things we considered when we were planning on getting a swimming pool – the importance of winterizing. It taught us that winterizing kits contain specially formulated pool chemicals needed to get the pool ready for the cold days of winter. The right amount of chemicals will ensure that your swimming pool is protected from damage stemming from water contamination, normal wear and tear and water freezes. In line with this, it will also make it easier to open the pool when spring comes, these preventive measures will extend the life of your pool.

Due to my wife’s sensitivities to chlorine, we began investigating what we should do. We were aware of the risks of stopping and not using the winterizing kit altogether. When we checked out the internet, our search led us to 1800pools.com and we were excited to know that it is possible to use non-chlorine based winterizing kits. Chemical kits devoid of chlorine are as effective in killing algae and other winterizing substances and still provide a great sanitizing power.

The 1800 Pools web site has a user friendly interface and ordering was easy and best of all, the winterizing kits cost less than those sold at local shops. The chlorine-free winterizing kit was effortless to use, and when we opened our pool back up in the spring, we were pleased with the results.

The best thing is my wife is enjoying the pool again without the irritation caused by chlorine. She has resumed her pool exercises and on the overall, it has made our life’s activities a lot better than before.

Check out 1800pools.com for quality pool chemicals. They also offer above ground and below ground swimming pools, pool accessories, cleaners, pumps and filters that you need to keep your pool in the finest shape possible. Get a totally unique version of this article from our article submission service