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Would a water garden suit your garden?

Down the Toilet.From time to time I am asked to help build a suitable water garden or water feature in a garden that my crew maintains.  It can be quite a simple job to extremely challenging depending on the garden owners expectation.

A simple water feature may involve a couple of pots, a few rounded boulders and a water pump to present a very attractive and pleasantly sounding addition to the garden.

A birdbath and some driftwood with appropriate plantings can be very satisfying.

An extended wetlands built with waterproof sheeting and all the plantings, rocks, pumps and engineering can be much more extensive, really great to have and pretty expensive to build.

But the feature in the image above has to be the wierdest.  Your neighbours need a sense of humour and don’t expect too many birds to visit.



This is a much more attractive and orthodox water feature that would make any gardener smile and maybe crack an amstel at the end of the day.

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