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The Allure of Pink Butterflies and Blue Butterflies

The Allure of Pink Butterflies and Blue Butterflies

It is very difficult to ignore the allure of pink butterflies and blue butterflies when dealing with decorations or home decor. Read on to learn everything you ever wanted to know about pink butterfies and blue butterflies.

Attract Blue Butterflies: Plant Lupines

When you are in the process of planting your flower garden and you’re considering which flowers to plant, if you have a preference for blue butterflies, then you should plant Lupines. Lupines are wonderful flowers, and they are even good for the soil because they add nitrogen. They grow mostly in Northwestern United States as well as in New England. They also grow internationally in a few Northern countries. Wild lupines are food for the Karner blue butterfly. The caterpillar larvae actually thrive inside the stems. The male of these species is a beautiful blue color. If you want to see these particular blue butterflies in your garden, consider planting lupines.

Butterflies on the Baby Shower Invitations

One of the most common uses of butterfly images is on baby shower invitations. This makes perfect sense since the birth of a baby coincides with the beautiful imagery of a caterpillar being born into a butterfly as it enters the world as a delicate and beautiful creature. Both pink butterflies and blue butterflies make wonderful decorations on baby shower invitations. If you know the gender of the baby and prefer to use traditional colors for each gender, then obviously the pink butterfly would be for the girls, and the blue would be for the boys. However some people like to go non-traditional and use pink or blue for both, which is also acceptable. Party experts also suggest inserting a copy of the ultrasound picture of the baby in with each invitation. It really excites people to actually see the baby, and it provides encouragement for people to attend the baby shower and take part.

A Butterfly Themed Bedroom

Few little girls can resist a butterfly themed bedroom. In fact most parents start with the butterfly decor when the child is just a baby. One of the most common nursery themes is the pink butterfly or the blue butterfly. There are several ways to create a beautiful butterfly garden nursery or bedroom without emptying your wallet.

Consider only two tones. Paint the walls a nice complimentary color to the color of butterfly you wish you use, whether it’s blue or pink. Sometimes a light blue sky background works wonderfully. Other people like a green background so that it gives the feel of an actual garden backdrop. Once your base color is down, buy painting stencils in the shape of butterflies and use those to either spray or paint the images of the butterflies scattered around the walls.

Add on a few butterfly accessories such as a hanging butterfly mobile, or ones that hang from the ceiling, include a butterfly lamp and maybe even a butterfly rug, and you’ll have a dream bedroom any little girl would love. Don’t forget the curtains, which are wonderfully popular right now. If you want to splurge a little, get stencils to paint flowers, ladybugs, and other cute images that come to mind when you think of a butterfly garden.

Choose a Butterfly Project

Whichever project you choose, pink butterflies or blue butterflies serve as a wonderful form of decoration. Everyone loves the imagery and meaning behind butterflies, and they never fail to make people happy.

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