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Choosing Water Garden Filter Systems For Water Both You And Your Fish Will Love

Adding interest to your garden with a garden pond or water garden is a great idea, and one of the first things you should look at is a top-notch water garden filter system that can do the hard work for you.

Highly chlorinated water kills the microorganisms that are found it in the soil. The unfortunate part about the previous statement is that those microorganisms are there for a reason. It is their task to protect the plant and the source where it gets its food.

This is the very reason why home gardeners steer clear of chlorinated water. They prefer a healthier choice – cleaner water. By getting a filter system for their garden water, 85% of the chlorine from hose water is removed.

The water from garden filter systems are also beneficial for bathing dogs. Children can also have fun with the sprinkler. In fact, it can also be used to wash cars.

Water garden filter systems are necessities for gardening. You have nothing to worry about because they are completely non-toxic. Why would we suggest that this be the same water you used to your pets, children and car, if it were?

Now, let us say that you have a man-made pond in your garden. This filter system can also clean the water there. Not only will it do that, it will also protect the soil ecosystem in your pond.

Imagine the beneficial insects you could have killed if you thoroughly cleaned your man-made pond using chlorinated water. At least, with a filter system, the 20,000 to 40,000 gallons of water are 100% clean.

Just like any electronic appliance, water garden filter systems can be recharged. The filters can also be replaced in due time – when it has acquired all dirt from the pond and needs to be changed.

Choose a filter system that comes with the hose protector. In that way, maintaining it will be a whole lot easier. There are systems that already include a pre-filtered hose. This is to control the flow of the water better.

Most home gardeners ask why they should remain chlorine in their garden. Obviously, you would want to keep the beneficial insects in the natural ecosystem. Chlorine kills living organisms like bacteria and fungi but at the same time, it also contaminates the water source. Chlorine is harmful to your plants primarily because they depend on these organisms to stay alive.

Plants survive because they receive the nutrients they need from the soil and water. A healthy soil is composed of molds, fungi and bacteria (which chlorine is designated to kill.) Gardeners and farmers know that in order to protect their plants and the ecosystem from the pesky pests, diseases and insects is by using beneficial bacteria.

By using chlorinated water, the microorganisms that were placed in the soil to protect the plant and the plants food source in the first place will also be killed. Thus, horticulturists and farmers do not use chlorinated water when they irrigate their crops.

Thanks to the water garden filter system, water is dechlorinated. This is a better and healthier option because water garden filter systems clean the garden and save the beneficial bacteria through out the process.

Water garden filter systems turns chlorine into chloride that is completely harmless. This redox procedure is their basic principle on how they can assure their consumers that the water coming out of the system is totally chlorine-free.

So after watering your garden with the chlorine-free filter system, throw in a bath for our dogs. In fact their coats can become softer and finer from the brittle and dryness it had been due to sun and chlorine exposure.

You can also let your children have fun all summer long with the garden hose feature attached to your water garden filter system. They can even swim in a pool that you filled using the filter system. If you are an automobile fiend and the usual wax is not enough to give your “baby” the sparkle and shine it deserves, switch to dechlorinated water that you can obtain from the water garden filter systems.

From the original purpose of providing chlorine-free water to your garden, water from filter systems has escalated to new heights.

Lee Dobbins writes for http://watergardens.garden-g8way.com where you can learn more about water gardens and accessories like the water garden filter.