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Do You Have A Garden Bench?

Courtyard garden bench
Courtyard garden bench

After a long hard day – actually even after an easy day – plonking down on a comfortable garden bench with a couple of mates for company and a favourite brew at hand, is a relaxing and pleasant way to wind down.

Garden benches come in many designs and materials and about my only advice is to first choose one that is comfortable. There’s nothing quite as irritating as a bench that bites after a few minutes. And there are plenty of designs to choose from.

Then pick a bench that is durable and strong. The last thing you want to to have your seat collapse because a bolt has failed or a joint has rotted through.

Make sure the bench is heavy to move so that wandering nocturnal shoppers are discouraged from carrying it away.

Make sure the environment around the bench is attractive, user-friendly and comfortable. No thorny bushes, firm footing or decking, easy access to replenish stocks of favourite brew and a bit of light if you like sitting there after sundown. At this time of year a citronella candle to keep the mozzies away is also a good idea.