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Dream Butterfly Bedrooms on a Budget


Butterfly Themed Bedroom on a Budget What little girl wouldn’t want a butterfly themed bedroom or nursery that will inspire her to wonder about these magnificent creatures? Creating a butterfly themed bedroom can be costly, depending on how far you take it. However, there are many ways to create a butterfly garden bedroom on a budget.

Before you begin your butterfly themed bedroom, decide on your color scheme. Most girls’ rooms are pink, which is a beautiful place to start. You may also want to consider blue to reflect the sky, or green to give it a feel of a meadow. The color of the bedroom helps to determine the color of the rest of the room’s accent pieces. As a rule of thumb, if you have a pink room, you would want your larger accent pieces to be a complementary color such as blue or green. Yellow rooms look good with purple accents.

A great place to start would be hanging nylon butterflies. These butterflies have become very popular thanks to places like Pottery Barn. However, you don’t have to spend a lot to have that classic catalog look. These butterfly decorations can be hung from the ceiling or placed directly on the walls. They come in different styles, shapes, sizes and color. The possibilities are endless with these butterflies and a hot glue gun.

Butterfly Curtains: Butterfly sheers are all the rave these days, but sell for an average of $50 a panel. Get a plain sheer for $7 a panel and decorate them with 2” mini nylon butterflies at 85 cents each. Depending on how big your curtain is, your cost is about $14.42.

Butterfly Holdbacks: Now that you have your beautiful (but much less expensive) curtains, you may want something to hold your curtains back. Holdbacks can cost around $35 for a set of 2. Why spend so much when you can have something even more beautiful at a fraction of the cost? Buy some organza ribbon for $4 a roll. Take about a foot of ribbon and glue a 5” nylon butterfly at $4.95 to the center and tie them around your curtains to pull them back. Your cost? $13.95 plus extra organza with which to decorate.

Butterfly Lamps: Instead of spending $25 on a butterfly lampshade, you can take smaller 3” nylon butterflies and hot glue them to a plain lampshade. Three butterflies for $6, plain white lampshade for $3 give a grand total of $9.

Other ideas are to use butterflies as accents on picture frames, growth charts, and mirrors. The possibilities are endless.

Once you have hung all your butterflies, why not create a full butterfly garden with dragonflies, flowers, bumblebees and ladybugs?

Let your imagination take over and inspire your child to wonder!


5 Simple Ideas To Bring Your Tried Bathroom Back To Life

“Following particular trends dates a bathroom more quickly,” says tile shop Capitol Ceramics’ interior designer Katie Soucek. Trends come and go at an alarming rate, so if you want a longer lasting look to your bathroom, it may be best to ignore the latest fashion and go for a more classic style.

“Bathrooms with boarders and trims were once very fashionable but are now looking dated.” says Soucek, an experienced bathroom designer. So choosing a bathroom design that uses a border or trim could leave you feeling blue just a few months down the line.

The quickest way to work wonders on your old bathroom is to give it a new coat of paint – even if you use the same colour as you currently have, the fresh coat with give it more life. Nude shades can add some style and panish but milder, translucent colours are more versatile and work in many different colours.

The best tip to remember is that if you want your bathroom to look more spacious, then go for light colours, ” And using the same tiles on the floor and the walls immediately makes a room feel bigger” adds Capitol Ceramics’ Katie Soucek. Alternatively, if you are looking to create a more dramatic space why not go for deep colours for a moody romantic atmosphere.

A new shower curtain or bathroom mat can also make all the difference, as can accessories. Purchase new towels that are fluffy and colourful or put a vinyl on your shower screen for an immediate glamour hit.

Purchase a selection of mirrors and even some decorative accessories (ornaments) and artwork to give the room some extra style. Mirrors add a sense of space so look to place mirrors where they will catch and reflect the light.

Katie Soucek discusses a recent project. “We’ve just completed work on a bathroom for a lovely client who wanted a ‘New England’ feel to her bathroom. We needed to create a sense of space and lightness in the room, so used simple white, mosaic tiles, coupled with tonal blues and biege stone. Then we selected a set of acrylic, glass and ceramic vases to line the shelves and finished it off with some gorgeous white cotton towels that give the room a wonderful feeling of luxury”

Kate also stresses the importance of lighting. “If your bathroom does not have recessed spot lighting, it’s worth the investment. Also, why not replace the grouting and go for a colour for instant impact.”

When it comes to choosing your features and materials, a shrewd designer will budget and splurge tactically, for example interior designer Philip Watts suggests “On a budget I would use an inexpensive sanitary-ware, but as stylish taps as your budget will allow – so accessorize” he adds “Use natural materials such as slate, limestone, pebbles or timber as these will not date. Use them in a contemporary, architectural way for maximum effect.

Thank you to Katie from Capitol Ceramics for her time and support in writing this article. Katie is the lead interior designer at Capitol Ceramics, a leading London Tile Shop based in Notting Hill Gate, West London. To view the range of beautiful porcelain and ceramic tiles stocked by Capitol Ceramics please visit the Capitol Ceramics website.