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Build A Compost – Learn How

Building a compost is not very difficult. The main thing that you will need is a lot of patience. It does not happen over night but it is worth the wait.

There are tumblers the can be used to speed up the process. Even the best tumbler takes about 3 – 4 weeks.

Just pick out an unused part of the yard, maybe out of sight even. A compost pile does not produce any odor, if it is done right. It can be a bit unsightly though.

After your spot is picked out then it is time to start composting. Start with a nice layer of sticks or some kind of course material. This will supply good aeration from the bottom of the pile.

The next layer start with green matter. There is really no good reason to start with green matter you can just as easily start with brown matter but you are going to alternate to produce layers.

Green matter items from your kitchen, fruit peels, vegetables, coffee grounds and there filters, nut shells. Just about any kitchen waste will qualify.

Brown matter is the items that will come from outside. Leaves, sawdust, wood chips, paper items (simple black and white print only), and sticks laying around in the yard.

After these two layers add another aeration layer. hay, sticks, straw or anything else course you can think of.

After the materials have been added put a little dampness on the pile. Not to much though think of a damp sponge.

You might add a handful of dirt every once in a while as dirt contains microbes that will help kick the compost process into gear.

Then after you build a compost stack you will just need to be patient. You will have rich compost to spread over your plants in no time.

When the items begin to begin to break down compost will be formed. But it does take a little while so you should be patient. Your garden plants will love compost fertilizer, it’s worth the wait. Click here for Free information on how to build a compost. Visit the Uber Article Directory to get a totally unique version of this article for reprint.