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Should I buy worms by the count or by the pound?

What is the best way to buy worms?

Buying worms can be a costly and tough ordeal.  I have heard of horror stories where buyers have bought worms and received about half of what they have paid for.  As a worm farmer, I have visited the greater majority of farming sites online and I can tell you that there are many scams. 

One scam that you can count on is when suppliers sell there worms by the COUNT and not by the pound.  Do you really believe that suppliers count out worms one by one?  NO!  They weigh the worms out.  So why do they sell by the count if they weigh them anyway?

Let’s suppose you want european nightcrawlers as fishing worms and you see two sites selling worms…

Site One:  Sells 1lb of worms or 250 worms.

Site Two:  Sells 250 worms.

DO NOT BUY FROM SITE TWO!  The count that is shipped changes by weight, so if you buy from site two, there is a good chance you are getting half a pound of midget worms shipped at a higher price than Site One.

Another helpful tip:  Ensure that your worms are alive on arrival by asking the shipper to ‘hold package’ at usps.  Their buildings are climatized and the worms will survive better there than scorching on your front porch during the summer time.

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Avoid scams and buy from a respectable worm seller.  For more information, visit us at www.wholesalefishingworms.com

Also, visit our site and learn how to build your own worm farm! We offer step-by-step instructions on building a worm farm from simple products found at your house.  If all your questions are not answered, please don’t hesitate to email us for more information:  brigham.dallas@gmail.com

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