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How To Install The Solar Panels ?

Solar batteries store the solar energy from the sun inside them to use that energy at a later span of time. Solar batteries get charged through a solar panel. Actually, solar panel charges the internal battery pack that can be used when needed. The market is full of different kinds of solar batteries and panels. Make sure that you get the best quality product at cheapest price.

Also, there are smaller versions out in the market that are used to charge or power up the devices like cell phones, PDA, laptops etc. Most of the batteries provide a universal connector so that you can attach this solar battery with your desired device.

Another feature is an extra holder or charger that comes along with most of these devices. It ensures that you can charge an extra standard Nickel-Cadmium discharged battery and you can use them as soon as they get charged up. Insert the dead battery into the holder and lay the panels under the sunlight. The dead battery would charge up owing to solar energy.

Decide the segment of the home for which you want to use solar-power. Auspiciously, there are also larger versions of these solar power units. In current case, the solar panels are quite bigger than the solar panels for the mobile or cell phone charger. These solar panels are mounted on the flat roof of the mobile home, vehicle, boat etc. These solar panels gather energy when sun is shining and store them in a bank of deep cycle batteries. These batteries can be used at a later stage to power the electronic equipments.

When you are on outing or camping, these solar batteries can fulfill your electricity needs. They can also be used for a cabin or house like structure that is located at a remote place. The solar panel is connected to a controller unit which holds the batteries.

When the batteries get fully charged, remove the connection of the controller unit from the solar panel. After that, you can use them to power up your devices.

Similarly, solar energy can be used to power up your houses you will need large number of solar panels and large number of deep cycle batteries to serve the required purpose.

Use solar power to keep the planet greener and cleaner.

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