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The Charm of Indoor Bonsai Plant That Complements Your Interior Decor

The appeal of indoor bonsai plant lies in its aesthetic value and with a complementary container; the bonsai plant can enhance the overall interior decor. The art of bonsai has been passed down from many centuries and indoor bonsai plant is most ideal at eight to twelve inches tall.

The Chinese who develop the art of bonsai passed it down to the Japanese who brought it to another height before capturing the attention of the Western world. The miniaturize plant has since becomes popular worldwide. Bonsai has to be nurtured and formed to the way you desire it. As bonsai has its growth stunted in small container, great care and attention is needed and the pruning of the roots and the crown is essential as well as proper drainage and nutrients.

Indoor bonsai needs to be properly cared for as bonsai plants are like any other plants suitable to be grown outdoor. Sunlight is essential to the growth of indoor bonsai plant and in order for the bonsai to thrive, there is a need to understand the requirement of various plants as each have varying degree of needs. In the case of indoor bonsai plant, placing it near the window can help it to receive the right amount of sunlight. For additional lighting, artificial lighting can be used such as the fluorescent lamp to light them for up to twelve hours.

Tropical bonsai plant that is placed in an indoor environment will only flourish with adequate sunlight as they are used to the humidity. In the months of winter, they can thrive by not placing them too close to the window even if they are shut, as the harsh wintry cold will kill them.

Exposing to the radiator will dry up the indoor bonsai plant and the misting of the leaves will provide adequate humidity. A tray complete with water and pebbles has the effect of mimicking the humid environment, as water will evaporate gradually to mist the plant.

Certain species of plants are most suitable for indoor bonsai plants and they are the fukien tea, bougainvillea, serissa, bush cherry, sago palms, aralias, schefflera, gardenias as well as certain elms. As they are from the tropics, these indoor bonsai plant will only flourish with adequate morning as well as afternoon sun.

Though the cultivation of bonsai needs plenty of care and attention, an indoor bonsai can enhance the overall interior decor of the house. As bonsai is contain in a small pot, adequate watering is essential to keep the soil moist but not too soggy as it will lead to the demise of the plant.

The care needed for indoor bonsai plant calls for effort and time and only if truly interested in the art of cultivating the bonsai, will the plant thrive and flourish into a magnificent miniaturized plant befitting the decor of your home.

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