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Problems Associated With Water Softeners

Water softener is an ingredient or device that is used to improve the quality of your supply water by diminishing ‘hard water’ percentage, or the minerals that are responsible for making your skin dry. The main parts of a water softener are a brine tank and a tube that needs to be installed on the faucet or water source. Not for every other problem you have to call your plumber as some of the troubles can be sorted out without the need of the expert. Some of those common problems are listed down.

In your water softener stops working suddenly then what would you do? Most of the owners choose to call the expert without even knowing the actual problem. In several cases, the problem does not require the assistance of the plumber and can be sorted out with just a little effort. Below are some of the common problems associated with water softeners, and their quick and easy fixes.

In case you are not getting anything on your power LED, check if the water softener unit is plugged in or not. If the connections are alright, reset the electronic controls of the softener unit. If the problem still persists then try resetting the circuit breaker and change the fuse of the softener unit.

Prefer cold water over hot water while restoring the water softener’s settings. This will keep a check on the hard water entering the softener unit. Set the timer and hardness level setting of your water softener to maximum efficiency.

If you are having trouble with the drain system of the brine tank then check the drain hose valve of the water softener unit closely. In addition to this, check the integrity of the drain hose against any twist and bend. Wipe out any dirt by taking apart the nozzle, valve, brine tank and other parts.

You have to clean the resin bed if you are noticing iron in soft water. Resin bed cleaner is available at all the plumbing stores or you can buy it online as well. After purchasing the resin bed cleaner, clean the residue from the resin bed according to the instructions specified on the package.

When the quantity of iron in the water coming out of the water softener unit is above the specified standards then clean the resin bed. You can find resin cleaner from almost every plumber shop. You also have the luxury to purchase it online. Use it to clean the resin bed using instructions inscribed on the package.

If you feel comfortable doing all these then you can call an expert. The expert will do the job for you. Choose your expert carefully such that the chosen plumber should be from a genuine company with a clean record.

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