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A Colorful Garden From A Creative Gardener

Pelleted seeds with the coating tinted the same color as the blooms they produce is the latest addition to the expanding garden field. Now the guesswork can be eliminated from color grouping at planting time.

Ordinarily, seeds are coated or pelleted with chemical substances to encourage faster growth, larger blooms and to serve as guards against diseases and insects. Also, they are extra large, which makes them easier to plant and space, doing away with the laborious job of thinning later in the season. This new colored coating provides everything plain coating does, plus the fun of choosing the color of the blooms you wish before putting the seeds in the ground. Now the gardener can truly become the master of color in his garden.

At the present time home gardeners can get sweet pea, zinnia and petunia seeds in Kolorcoat, which is a good start for painting with flowers in the garden.

Not long ago the manufacturer invited home gardeners to test and comment on these seeds. One woman drew a parallel between colored seeds and flower arrangement. “One is done in the soil and the other in the living room.” She felt that planting seeds according to color called for the same amount of artistic skill as arranging the blooms.

The home gardener, like the amateur painter, goes through stages of experimenting with color combinations, harmonies, design and pattern. So, an imaginative business man, who is also a home gardener, took the idea of coloring seeds, experimented with it and has now presented it to all home gardeners to use and enjoy.

So what are you waiting for, read some articles regarding the idea of coloring seeds and enjoy you garden. With our help we can surely help you about plants and garden.


Energy Saving Exteriors: Make expert Use of Your Grounds to Save Home Energy

Energy saving exteriors are the first frontier of defence whenever it comes to cutting energy use in the home. Adding energy efficient windows, doors and skylights should be fundamental to your preparation when looking for energy savings Double and triple glazed windows have built-in air barriers that provide insulation in both the summertime and wintertime Make sure that your front and back doors fit well because they are essential to creating an energy saving exterior.

Effective supplementary shutters and secondary outside doors add a second layer to the defensive line against stormy weather Environment agencies now have standards such as the Energy Star Rating for exteriors windows and doors

The lastest developments in reflective roofing materials are now mega effective at reducing attic temperatures and should become a part of your energy saving exterior

This can reduce the heat transferrence from outside to the interior by up to 100 whilst reducing roof temperatures Get hold of a reflective roofing calculator to determine how much you will save by having this ‘green’ roofing installed

Reflective roofing materials are also Energy Star rated As you would expect, there is no point in installing reflective roofing materials if you do not live in a especially sunny region

Think about the paint you are going to use on your exterior walls and consider insulating paint as a radiant barrier coating. Buy ready mixed paint if you like the range of colors or indeed have it added to your choice of exterior paint You can reduce your utility bills by an amazing amount by boosting the R-Value of your home and this is an effective thermal barrier coating, so consider it seriously Don’t worry about retro fitting as these products are made for new or old buildings with the added bonus that you may be elligible for a tax credit With the constantly increasing cost of home energy, everyone should consider making the exterior of their homes as energy efficient as possible

Get more information on how to save your home thermal energy. There’s a lotof information on making your home more energy efficient so you can continue to live a comfortable life style whilst cutting your utility bills. Register now to receive 12 energy saving ideas