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Fixing A Broken Glass Light Shade

Glass light shades are used in two ways: one is merely decorative, the other is a long term investment. It is not surprising to find glass lamp shades used as decoration because of their distinctive, noticeable quality. A turn-of-century bankers lamp shade is a good example. However, most people do not realize that glass lamp shades are also items of fine art which can be collected. When these shades are broken, the owner should do one of two things. He or she can commission a replica from a glass maker, or undergo the harder art of restoration.

If the glass light shades do not contain many other components such as beads (in beaded lamp shades), mica flakes, brass or iron, and has a relatively simple shape such as a cone or cylinder, it can be made anew by a glass blower or glass maker. The key is to find the right kind of glass that matches or approximates the color of the original. Glass blowing is an ancient art and many people continue to do it today as a hobby. It should not be difficult to find a skilled artisan willing to make a replacement shade for the right price.

If the glass light shade is much more heterogeneous than a single piece of glass, then the work of a specialized restorer is required. They will charge quite a lot given that glass restoration is a length, slow process demanding of attention, knowledge, know-how, dexterity, and material resources. That being said the best pieces to restore are the lamp shades that have intrinsic historical value such as the Tiffany lamp shades.

Some repair jobs are quite simple and only require swapping in one new piece of glass for an old, broken or dirty one. The usual case is that enough damage has accumulated such that the restorer will have to do many things to get the glass light shade back to its original shape. Firing new or acquiring old glass panes to replace the originals is often necessary.

Moreover, a restorer may be asked to fix the nonglass parts of the lightshade. Old beads can be removed and replaced with new ones. The metallic lining of glass panes can be renovated with the same material. For restoring a Tiffany shade it is usually necessary to create a cast of the original shape so that the new pieces have a scaffold upon which to rebuild the lamp shade.

The reason for restoring such shades is that they have value beyond the raw materials of the object itself. For collectors’ pieces, the engraved name of the manufacturer, designer or artist can be worth much more than the functional or material benefits of the shade. Restoration therefore has a strong monetary if not emotional component for most people who own glass light shades.

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The Role Of Glass Lamp Shades In Interior Decorating

Are you renovating an old house or moving to a new one that is in need of decoration? Perhaps you are staging it so that it is most attractive to prospective buyers. Most people concentrate on physical elements such as selection of a new couch, placement of a rug and bookshelves. One thing that is frequently overlooked is good lighting. Good lighting is essential in many ways. Not only does light perform a functional role in enabling us to read or see everything around us, but good lighting also enhances existing decor if done correctly.

For example, with the right light the apparent texture of woodwork in cabinets, tables, and bookshelves can be immeasurably improved in aesthetics. A soft, warm light cast at the right angles turns down the stress intensity and increases the level of relaxation in a room immediately. For such purposes, overhead light fixtures are usually not the best way to illuminate a room, rather one should go for a standing lamp or a desk lamp that can be strategically .

A very popular choice that is excellent for complementing interior design efforts is the glass lamp shade. Glass lamp shades not only come in vibrant colored glass, but when they are in use the glass catches the light transforming it into the hues of your choice. The look of the glass lamp shade can be modulated further by attaching metal designs, cemented beads, or decorative trim – some of these are exemplified by beaded lamp shades. The beaded lamp shades are really a variation on all the other kinds we consider in the following discussion.

Louis Comfort Tiffany, a 20th century designer, was the genius behind the development of Tiffany light shades. He was a son of the businessman who initiated the eponymous jewelry chain that is scattered in towns all over the international world currently. At the time, Tiffany was both a creative artist and the head of an interior design company. His studies of stained glass methods inspired him to create glass lamp shades. The lamp shades that exhibit his signature are well-known for brilliance and style. A century after his lamps first came out they continue to be widely mirrored and copied.

The word mica lamp shades brings to mind a light with a rustic look and subdued illumination. Frequently mica lamp shades are used in rooms that could use diffusive lighting. The shade is frequently shaped like a pyramid that directs the bulb down at a wide angle, which means the light is diffused evenly across the area. Mica lamp shades can be bought in a number of hues and diameters. Measure the width on top to get the catalog size and also on the lower side where the lamp fitter joins to the shade.

Many shapes are widely available for glass shades. A few of the popular ones are the gas lamp shade and the hurricane shade. The hurricane design has a very special shape, its height exceeds the width, reminiscent of a vase. It meshes well with cathedral ceilings that can accommodate the high, slender profile of the hurricane. A further unusual glass shade is the traditional Victorian shade that saw itself installed in many homes in the age of Victorian England. The day and age watched over the rise of gas lighting and therefore a proliferation in usage and production.

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