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How To Protect Your Roof From Fire ?

Whenever a house gets caught in a fire hazard, the roof structure plays an important role in the overall damage caused due to the hazard. If your roof structure comprises essentially of the combustible roofing materials such as clay and rubber then the intensity of the damage gets amplified. Hence, the wise homeowners must build their roof architecture with the idea of a possible fire hazard in mind. Make it habitual to examine the individual segments of the roof on a regular basis.

Below mentioned tips would help you with the selection of right roofing materials for your roof.

Start off by finding whether the existing roofing material is combustible or not. For example, the roofing materials such as wood slates and rubber sheets are considered combustible. On the other hand, the roofing materials such as asphalt shingles, metal sheets pose enough resistance to fire. While the metal sheets take a considerable amount of time to catch the fire, the oily asphalt shingles may become easy victims of a fire hazard.

Inspect the spread of the roof on a regular basis to prevent the growth of moss on your roof. With the seasonal changes, the moss becomes dry and rough. The dry moss acts as a fuel for a possible fire spread and amplifies the damage further.

Check the extension of the nearby tree branches and trim the branches that extend up to your roof. Use standard saw to trim off the branches of the tree. Besides fueling a fire, the branches may offer easy entry points for the wild animals such as raccoons and cats as well.

Make sure that the insides as well as the outlet of your chimney is clean and neat. The accumulation of the combustible substances in and around the chimney area must be checked from time to time. Consult an expert roofer while deciding the height of the chimney above the roof structure.

Choose the roof linings that offer least combustibility.

Insulate all the roof segments under the supervision of an expert.

Scott Rodgers is a distinguished author who has been authoring on roofing contents for a long time now. His exemplary guidance has given motivation to a host of workers, ranging from Bell Roofers to Beverly Hills Roofers.

Various Ways To Remove The Bats Under Your Roof

The underside of the porch roof is susceptible to stay of bats in the evening time. Though the bats are considered a great solution for the insects and the mosquitoes but they may pose some problems of their own. The presence of bats could prevent the infants of the family from sitting or playing in the porch area. Moreover, bats could pose some scare during your peaceful moments in the evening time.

Though the bats provide some respite from the insects and the mosquitoes but they cannot be neglected on their own. Instead of scaring them off on a daily basis, you can employ certain handy techniques to get the desired results.

There are certain techniques that may help you with the prevention of bats. Beforehand, select the most appropriate time of the day for carrying out the preventive measures. The presence of bats would create a hurdle in the smooth proceedings and hence, initiate the task in the absence of bats. Usually, the bats fly off during early in the morning after staying for the night. Kick off the campaign by observing the spread of the affected area.

Ask the expert or a local salesperson of a hardware store about the best bat repellant solution. Check the available brands of the different bar repellant solutions and select the best of them. Do not compromise on the quality front even if it means some extra bucks from your pocket. Take some suggestions from the concerned salesperson regarding the efficiency of the purchased repellant.

Bring home the repellant solution and apply it in liberal amount on the affected portion of the porch roof. Concentrate the application of solution to the lower surface of the porch roof only. If however you are left with some more repellant solution then apply it on the other parts of the roof as well.

Alternatively, you can use the mothballs if you fail to find the required repellant of high-quality. Either you can tie the mothballs in pantyhose or you can attach the mothballs to the surface of the roof.

Use adhesive or standard roofing tape to bind the mothballs to the surface of the porch roof.

Avail some expert advice if you fail to get the desired results.

Scott Rodgers is a great expert who has been authoring on roofing contents for a long time now. His exemplary guidance has given motivation to a host of workers, ranging from Desert Hot Springs Roofers to Escondido Roofers.

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