The Truth About Organic Gardening

Are you one of the thousands upon thousands of people who look at organic gardening as something mystical or from the “Hippie” age? You can rest assured there is nothing mystical about using “mother natures” own creations (natural elements), produced by the earth and animals, to plant your own natural garden. The information provided in this article will dispel the so called “mysticism” idea of organic growing held by many.

A great many people have the mistaken belief that gardens planted without chemicals were begun by the rebelling “Hippies” and “Flower Children” of the 1960’s. The author suspects strongly that your forefathers would find fault with that belief. The truth is that as more and more media attention was given to the “Hippies” and “Flower Children”, many people were hearing about organic gardening for the first time, but it has been around for centuries upon centuries.

A lineage of farmers which has practiced all natural growing for centuries is the Amish farmers. Even in today’s modern world, with man made chemical fertilizer, weed killer and pesticides, these amazing farmers continue to practice all natural crop growing with truly phenomenal results. It’s not only here in America that “organic” growing is practiced. Many of the countries around the world still use century old methods of natural growth.

Another myth about natural growing of your garden is that you will never be able to keep all the pest and bugs out of it. People believe that without using chemical based and expensive pesticides, you just can’t control bug infestations. Again it just ain’t so. One of the best all natural ways to control the pest is to use their mortal enemy. Birds! But then you ask “How can you attract enough birds?” You create an environment around your garden that is friendly for the birds.

One of the best ways to draw the birds early on is place a birdhouse or birdhouses which are made especially for the type of birds which frequent your area. Not only do you furnish a nesting area for them but make water fully accessible to them. You can put something as simple as a small container filled with water or even go for something much more sophisticated, like a running fresh water fountain. Once the birds have been drawn to your garden and realize they can feast on your bug infestation your problem will be solved in short order.

Frankly, with more research on the internet or a visit to your local nursery, you will become knowledgeable and see the truth about organic gardening. The real truth is it’s a great way to improve your families health and help restore “Mother Earth” to it’s own good health.

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