Worm Composting with Red Wigglers

Starting a worm bin with red wigglers will provide you with the finest organic fertilizer to be found anyplace. Use it on your tomatoes, your zucchini, your beets and grow them larger than ever. Worm castings are expensive to buy but totally free if you’ve got your own worm farm working for you. And it doesn’t require a great deal to start up either. Why should we bother to recycle with red wigglers? Let’s take a look at 3 great reasons:

1) Cut down waste in landfills – A pound of red wigglers will consume and process a half pound of organic and natural waste materials each day. Organic and natural waste material is anything from vegetable scraps, (no meat) newspapers, egg shells, coffee grounds, even cardboard and that’s all they do, consume and process waste. Every pound of waste materials processed by your red worms is one less pound going into trash dumps.

2) Generate incredible organic fertilizer – Worm castings are one of the ideal and most wanted fertilizers available on the market. Worm castings easily sell for as much as $3.50 per pound. Compare that to steer manure at about five dollars for forty pounds. Why? Simply because worm castings are five times more rich in nutrients than excellent or even the best top soil and worm castings are pH neutral. There’s never any worry of damaging or burning flowers or vegetables with worm castings.

3) It’s uncomplicated – Just start a worm bin. A home made worm bin can work all right. A commercial worm bin has added features that make using it much easier. Toss in some organic and natural waste materials and some worms and the worms do the rest. Just feed your little guys what you don’t want to eat and sit back. You will recycle that waste material and get the most effective totally free natural fertilizer in exchange. It’s a win-win-win for you, your worms as well as the planet.

We keep our worm bins under some hedges in the yard. Some of the worm tea, a liquid by product from the castings, leaks from the bin. Well, the hedge at that point grows faster, greener and bushier than anywhere else. You will be surprised at how good the castings are for your flowers, trees and vegetables. And now would be the best time to start.

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