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Puppy Instruction For The Beginner Dog Owner

Dogs are pack animals and many of their behaviors indicate this reality. When you get a new puppy one of the foremost and the most valuable things that you can do is to establish dominance. You are the “pack leader” and you must act fittingly.

Puppies will use up a great quantity of time trying to figure out where they fit into the chain of command. They generally do this by trying to confirm their own domination. Some breeds are more dominant than others, for case in point, the terrier breeds. Some of the other breeds tend to be more submissive naturally.

Instantaneously when your puppy comes home he needs to have his place in the pecking order established. He needs to be attentive that you and all of the human family members in your home are dominant over him. This is not a matter of reprimand but it is something that must occur if he is to become a happy and well-mannered member of your family.

In order to institute the authority you must follow a few straightforward rules. If not your puppy will be getting mixed signals and it will be more problematical for you to train him and he will be bewildered as to what you really want.

The leader must at all times eat first. Do not let your puppy eat before you eat. If you are planning on eating about the same time as you plan to feed your puppy, you need to make your puppy wait until you are done. Or you can have your puppy eat at a whole distinct time than you eat. In the beginning you may want to call your puppy to you to get his food and make him wait before you give it to him. You can teach him to sit and then give him his food.

Daily grooming of your puppy sends him persuasive signals about who is authoritarian. Your puppy may cry or even act like you have hurt him at the beginning when you touch him for essential grooming. You must just ignore him and follow through with what you are doing. Always follow through with whatever you start with a puppy because they swiftly learn when if you really mean something or not and if you are not following through your training will be grueling.

Most puppies will nip and bite at things when they are very young. You must finish this behavior instantly and let your puppy know that it is not pleasing with a clear reaction of a “No” and a tap if needed. Bear in mind that you are the pack leader and the pack leader does not ever get nipped.

Showing your puppy that you are the dominant leader is the most crucial thing you can do to have a well-behaved dog later on. Avoid aggressive games like “tug’o’war” where he can show too much dominance. Reward his good behavior with praise and treats and ignore his bad behavior as you embark on the process of obedience training. Following these easy rules can help you teach your puppy to be well-mannered and well-trained.

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