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Backyard Bird Habitat: Help Birds Live Naturally

If you enjoy the singing of birds in your backyard you might wish to draw in more birds. They are a sight to see when you have a pair of cardinals, yellow finches, and the robins visit your yard. Let’s see if we can come up with a healthy backyard bird habitat for them and help keep them safe at the same time. It can be a real rewarding experience watching their daily activity and listening to them sing. The best way to get started is to realize that there are only three basic things that they need: food, shelter and water. Just like our needs. When you provide these you will soon have a family of birds nesting in your yard. They will give you many hours of enjoyment and entertainment.

It is best if you provide a variety of food. Birds like to eat insects, but also enjoy feeding on seeds and nuts. You do not have to provide these for them. If they have plenty of trees and other plants available it will naturally provide a food supply. Some of the best are sunflower, cranberry bushes and oak trees. These are just a few suggestions. Different types of bird feeders allow you to provide other seeds that they will enjoy.

Don’t forget that they will need a water supply close by. It is wonderful if you have a natural stream or creek, but not all of us do. Man-made ponds are great too. But most of us rely on bird baths and fountains. Due to predators, always a problem, you will need to position these in an open area so they can be on watch at all time.

Next we need to provide shelter for our birds. Trees and shrubs are the best, but not all of us have them. So it may be up to us to provide bird houses to give them a safe place for nesting. But remember that birds can be territorial and fight others if they are too close. So place these houses far enough apart so they will be able to nest in a relaxed environment. Also not all birds like the same type of house. Place the bird house in the proper place for the bird you hope to attract in this house.

Birding is fun. So let’s make it a good experience by creating the most natural backyard bird habitat possible.

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How To Choose Chicken Coop Building Plans

Are you looking for building chicken coops ideas and information? There are many aspects to think about when looking at various types of chicken coop building plans, to find the one that will best suit you.

Choosing the best spot for the chicken house is important for several reasons. One of which is to protect your flock from predators, and you can do that by building the coop close to your home, so you can keep an eye on it.

Having enough room in the chicken coop is something you absolutely must have. Your hens need plenty of space. How much space you’ll need is going to be based on how many chickens you got. Generally allow 4 square feet per hen, to allow enough space for them not feel too crammed in, as it will cause a decrease in the egg production.

Some other aspects to consider when looking at how much space you’ll need is making sure you have room for a roost, a nesting box, a water container and a feeder. All these are important features that you coop will require, and should be part of your chicken coop building plan.

As you look at the layout of the coop, consider the materials you will use to build with. While people who have made these in the past will tell you to use different things, the truth is that you have many options when it comes to what you use. But remember, even though you can go with a pretty cheap material, if you want your coop to last longer, and withstand severe weather, keeping the hens warm inside, then you should go with a higher quality.

Leaving enough space for a chicken run is also important. Getting your hens to move around outside is part of chicken raising. So keep that in mind when choosing the location where you will build.

Having a comfortable place for your birds to rest, sleep, and lay eggs, is all that’s really required of a good chicken coop. It doesn’t need to be perfect, just good enough and provide these elements for the flock.

Want to learn more about building chicken coops and picking out chicken coop building plans? Stop by Sean Young’s site where you can discover more tips and ideas and pick up your FREE blueprint.