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Decorating Your Home With Bollard Lights

Bollard lights are derived from the nautical term 'bollard' which is what the posts are called where you tie up the ships when you come into dock. Original sailors tied off their ships to round shaped poles of wood. Today the lights are created in cylinder or square shapes with rounded tops. They are made with different materials also. They are known to be made of metal, concrete or weather resistant plastics.

These lights are designed to resist corrosion from any seasonal elements. The units are capable of being set up for electrical wiring or battery operated or solar energy. Depending on where you want to place the post will determine the best way to have it operate.

The lighting elements will be positioned near the top of the post protected by slats or grates. The lights can be positioned to point directly towards a structure or to light up your walkway or a gravel path in your backyard. You can also post them at the bottom and top of the stairway to your front door.

If you have a deck they may be anchored to standing structures or place them directly in the ground. They look beautiful positioned in a raised garden or the front landscaping in front of your home. If you have a pond in your backyard and stone steps leading to it, these could serve to light the path for safety purposes plus bring an accent of elegance to your water hideaway.

Use them as barriers in your front yard. Fill them with sand to slow down vehicles that may have made a wrong turn. It will give you a better sense of security knowing your family is protected against these unexpected possibilities.

Bollard lights come in different shapes and sizes. You need to decide which one would look the best in your yards. Which ever one you choose it is going to make you happy to come home every night and witness the elegant style your home reflects. Not to mention the safety reasons and how they enhanced the beauty of your yard.

To get the latest on LED landscape lighting, you can look on the net. Bollard lights will provide a excellent source of lighting for the entire yard.