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Purebred Dogs, Mixed Breed Dogs And Hybrid Dogs

There have long been mixed breed dogs that differ quite a bit in looks, size and temperament. They are often referred to as “mutts” and they tend to have robust healthiness and they make excellent pets. You can generally locate a wonderful mutt to adopt from the local shelter.

A mixed breed dog is not a purebred and it may not be known if the parents of the dog are purebreds. They are fundamentally dogs from an unidentified origin and a questionable hereditary line. They are frequently smart and wonderful and they make great pets but their ancestry is mysterious.

A purebred has two parents of the same breed. Usually there are lengthy genetic records that go back many generations. Breeders meticulously select the dogs they will breed so as to guarantee that the strongest qualities are characteristic in the pups.

Some people may prefer to have a mixed breed or a mutt for a pet as they generally have great healthiness and they make great pets while others may prefer to have a purebred dog. However, there is one more preference that can be considered and that is the hybrid dog or the “designer dogs”.

A hybrid or designer dog is a dog that has two purebred parents from two distinctive breeds. They are separate from a mutt in that their heredity is known. The parents of the dog have a distinctive inherited line that can be confirmed.

Hybrid dogs are becoming quite the fashion these days. You see them all over the place from movies to dog shows. These dogs tend to have the best character from both of the breeds and as a rule a good combination of both breeds.

The hybrid dogs are usually called really unusual names that are a mix of both breed names such as a puggle, a mixture of a pug and beagle, a poogle for a poodle and pug, cockapoo for a cocker poodle blend, a goldendoodle which is a poodle and golden retriever blend and of course many others as the list of combinations goes on and on.

Hybrids are fantastic pets and if you are having a difficult time deciding on a breed a hybrid can get you the best of two breeds. They usually have good health and they are clever and fun dogs to own.

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