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Abstract Wall Art Will Certainly Give Life To Your Current Household Decor

Whether looking to make an impression or just cover up those white walls, abstract wall art is the perfect choice. When we are young and foolish, we often dismiss the thought of decorating our homes. Little do we know the impression that it gives off to everyone that walks through our doors.

The style of decor in a home tells visitors a lot about their host. Someone who keeps a nice place with matching decor is probably organized and likes to keep their life moving forward. Walk into a home that has nothing on the walls and people will think that they are misguided and just do not care about anything in general. To say that they are walking to the beat of their own drum is an understatement.

One thing about abstract art is that you really do not have to be an art lover to appreciate the statement that it makes. Everyone that you know could look at the same piece and have a different opinion as to what it means to them. The artist could look at a simple field or an ocean and what comes out in their work looks like anything but the inspiration that caused them to create their masterpiece.

This type of art really has no limitations. While other artists struggle to duplicate a live model or some type of object that they have set up to paint, an abstract artist merely uses these items as inspiration and then lets their mind take over from there. The work of art that is created generally looks very little like the inspiration that drove them to create it.

An added benefit of metal art is that it will not break the bank to get it up on your walls. Even with each piece being custom made, they are extremely affordable compared to other styles of art. Tim Herbst has a piece called Water that is the very essence of this. It is a silver framed piece that has a black rectangle featuring both green and an orange/red figure. The entire thing is swimming in a field of blue.

It is a piece that immediately made me think of a fishing boat that had capsized in the middle of the ocean. The blue was obviously the water, but the orange/red made me think of the survivor suits that a fisherman has to wear when they are in trouble and forced into the ocean. The green represented the air is his lungs and the black was death waiting for him. It is unlikely that the first ten people you ask would get the same impression.

Abstract wall art is one of the most beautiful things that you can hang on your wall. It is inexpensive to purchase and extremely easy to care for. Your walls will never be considered empty or pathetic again, quite the contrary. You are all but guaranteed to have friends stand in front of the piece and discuss their “vision” as to what the piece actually means.

Tim Herbst is a metal artisan from Denver, CO who works to make a livelihood selling his creations. If you’d like to check out a abstract wall art then visit his web site. There are lots of metal wall art sculptures that may possibly work with your interior decoration at the same time.