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Mosquitoes: Learn Everything You Can About Them

The insect known as the mosquito is somewhat bothersome pest that inhabits tropical regions across the world and in some areas of America. The word mosquito is a Spanish term that means, “Little fly”. Nevertheless, this “little fly” is known to have lived on this plant as a species for over thirty million years. The females of the species actually need the blood of a human to succeed in the process of reproduction. They are also immune to the numerous diseases they carry which can affect humans. Around 700 million people worldwide everywhere are affected and infected by diseases carried by mosquitoes such as West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, Malaria, and a myriad of others. Whether or not the mosquito has a disease, a bite from one of them will leave an instant swell that will itch for a time, while others may have an allergic reaction to them. It is unlikely that all mosquitoes will be destroyed on US soil, although there are government agencies that understand the seriousness of this threat and are always looking for and implementing better ways of controlling them.

After the egg is hatched, the mosquito larva that was inside crawls out into his new home, a pool of stagnant water. While living in this pool it will survive mainly off eating the algae that is present. In appearance they somewhat resemble a worm, and can be a nice treat for many predators out there.

Next they will advance to a Pupa, and this is the period where their body begins to form into what we would identify as an actual mosquito. They do not feed during this period, which normally lasts only a few days, and they will emerge from the water as an adult once this process is completed.

An adult mosquito is equipped with the best human finding equipment to aid them in their hunt. The chemical sensors they have inside of their heads can detect emissions of carbon monoxide and lactic acid for around 100 feet. In other words, they can pretty much locate a mammal by seeing where they are breathing. Other sensors they have will notice a person’s sweat, which will give the mosquitoes a strong calling card to come eat. They can even detect emissions of heat and since their vision is not the greatest this comes in handy for nighttime hunting.

To control the mosquito population in your area, you will want to remove any excess water that you see such as puddles, fountains, pools, birdbaths or any other container of water. This is because pools of water are the best breeding ground for these insects. If this is done correctly and the females do not spot suitable nesting area, they will fly around until they do so. With the many pesticides that can affect them as well other dangers, their lives can come to quick ends.

There are also a number of pesticides that effectively combat this species; contact a local pest control specialist for more details.

Gary Dorris is a Vacaville pest control professional. His company, Hydrex also provides Vallejo Pest Control.